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Caribbean islands

Whistlestop tour of the Caribbean

by Stella Hullot

It’s probably a contradiction in terms to mention whistlestop tours and Caribbean islands in the same breath – there are just so many islands to visit and so much to see and do. The best alternative to any whistlestop tour is simply to get out there and visit one or more of them.

And that’s just where we play our part here at AZUZOO. Not only do we offer tour packages to some of the best and most sought-after Caribbean Islands, but tailor them to suit your particular preferences and lifestyle – for holidays to remember long after the event.

So, just choose your destination from amongst some of these tropical paradises:


  • the sights, sounds and tropical weather are nothing at all like it, of course, but you might feel yourself immediately at home here, where place names are as familiar as Falmouth, Pigeon Point, Nelson’s Dockyard and English Harbour;


  • Barbadian (or Bajan) hospitality has to be experienced to be believed – and all this on a coral island, fringed by fine, white-sand beaches and lapped by shimmering blue-green seas or the livelier waves of the east coast’s trade winds;
  • this gives you the option of the adrenaline rush of big game fishing, the adventure of snorkelling and scuba diving around the coral reefs, or indulging in a relaxing round or two of golf;
  • coral reefs snorkelling and scuba diving, Big game fishing, rounds of golf at the renowned Barbados Golf Club;


  • tropical rain forests surrounded by crystal seas make the Commonwealth of Dominica, a sovereign island country, a paradise for adventurous hikes along trails of discovery inland, with some of the best coral-sea diving the region has to offer – the perfect combination boasts the local website for tourists;
  • for very good reason, it proclaims itself as the Nature Island of Dominica;




  • a jewel dropped into the south-eastern waters of the Caribbean, the country of Grenada is made of one main island and six smaller ones;
  • it is widely known as the Spice Island, thanks to the numerous nutmeg plantations which continue to dot the hills of Grenada itself;
  • beaches of pure while sand, coral seas and unspoilt nature underscore the simplicity of life in this island group;


  • Jamaica is the fourth largest of all the Caribbean islands and the third largest in the Greater Antilles (after Cuba and Hispaniola – present-day Haiti and the Dominican Republic – and has all the diversity, action, adventure, culture and charm that one of principal countries of the region commands;
  • it is the home of legends such as Usain Bolt and Bob Marley – but offers its own special “vibe” to all who visit;


St Kitts and Nevis

  • the two islands of St Kitts and Nevis comprise the more formally named Federation of Saint Christopher and Nevis and lie on the outer fringes of the Caribbean, where it joins the majestic Atlantic Ocean;
  • rain forests,vervet monkeys and abandoned sugar plantations create an atmospheric environment the year round;


St Lucia

  • a sovereign country in its own right, Tobago – described by locals as the jewel in the Caribbean crown – forms part of the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago;
  • all of 116 square miles in area, the island is an eco-haven, which has enjoyed protected status since 1776, helping to protect its mangrove swamps, tropical rain forests and mountain bike trails – a perfect setting in which to enjoy its beach bars and music.

Tempted by this all too brief, whistlestop tour of just a few of the Caribbean Islands? To sample them for yourself, with your own tailor-made holiday, just contact us here at AZUZOO on 0800 810 8210 or via email.We can bring your dream holiday to life.

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