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Phil Ransome | Director

I love holidays!

Perhaps it’s because they are the antidote to the day-to-day high intensity of life, or perhaps it’s just that as I get older I’ve become more discerning where I choose to rest and relax! Either way, the desire to seek out the best places to chill-out in the world led us – inevitably! – to the beautiful islands of the Caribbean. Here you can truly find any style of vacation you prefer; luxury without limit; thrill-seeking adventures or up-and-close experiences with the wonders of nature; it can all be found in the Caribbean.

And we’ve become specialists in putting together ‘Deals’ that bring you nearer to what you desire.

David Hinds | Director

I was born in what is the twin island republic, Trinidad & Tobago. When I was 11 months old my parents brought me to the UK, which I now regard as my home. When I was 23, I went back to Trinidad and set up my own design consultancy and print business where Phil and I worked on a wide variety of projects for the Tourist Board, hotels and other institutions. Both of us have a great interest in travel and tourism, and whilst in Trinidad I had the privilege of being a founder member of the Trinidad and Tobago Hotel and Tourism Association. Since coming back to the UK to live, I have worked remotely for many hoteliers throughout the Caribbean islands, providing design services for both brochures and websites.

Since 2003, I have been organising travel to the Middle East and Caribbean for various groups of people who, perhaps, just want to sunbathe or are seeking more adventurous and activity-led holidays. AZUZOO provides us with the mechanism through which to share our love of travel with you!!

Lesli Gallivan | Sales Manager

I have a Masters Degree in Business Administration and I have worked in Local Government for over 40 years, achieving a senior management role in a customer facing service in a large London borough.

When the opportunity arose to immerse myself fully into a travel role, I left behind my office-based career and took to the open road. I have spent the past year travelling extensively.

I have been to many amazing destinations over many years, but my heart always belongs in the Caribbean. The combination of fabulous scenery, warm weather and the truly wonderful people who inhabit so many beautiful islands means that I return to those islands time and time again.

Given my extensive experience in living and working in the Caribbean I am able to offer invaluable help and advice to clients wishing to holiday in that part of the world. This, coupled with my business administration background, means I am able to act as a knowledgeable interface between businesses, clients and service providers for all things Caribbean.

Sarah Gallivan | Marketing Manager

As an avid traveler I spent a year working in Italy, many months working in the Caribbean and also travelling around South East Asia. I love to explore new places, meeting new people, hearing their personal travel related stories and passing on knowledge gained through my own experiences.

My favourite parts of Asia would have to be North Thailand, where I spent several days in an elephant sanctuary, learning all about these majestic animals and taking them for a walk through the jungle and down to the river for a bathe! In Cambodia, I spent a week down in Sihanoukville, a beautiful and quaint little beach town – which was great for some R&R! I also made a trip to the Ankor Watt temples, where we had the awesome experience of watching the sunset perched from an old temple, and listening to monks chant – still one of the highlights of my trip! My timing was perfect when I got to Vietnam, as Diwali festival was on, and the small French influenced town of Hue turned out every single light, and was then covered in candles, they even had floating candles all down the river. It was such a beautiful experience.

Loas was a lot of fun for my friends and I as we spent a week river tubing, this is aimed at the younger generation, as you are basically fished in from the river to the bars lining the bank, a great party atmosphere, but you can only take so much of it!

My heart however belongs to the Caribbean.I have visited different islands, but my absolute favourite would have to be the small and rather undeveloped island of Tobago, the sister to Trinidad. I have been 14+ times, spending a couple months working out there and making lifelong friendships. It is a complete combination of the people, the food, the music and just the general way of life out there, that make Tobago feel like home to me.